The groupe
Laboratory technician (CFC federal diploma - biology option)

Training profile
Very diverse work depending on the field in which we are operating: Microbiology, Haematology, Clinical chemistry, Research, etc.
In food microbiology we need to understand the different characteristics of bacteria that can contaminate food (culture media, incubation temperature and time, effects, etc.), to work meticulously and in sterile conditions, and to be open and curious in terms of new discoveries…

The apprenticeship lasts 3 years, with 1.5 days of classes in Fribourg per week. A technical baccalaureate may be taken alongside, requiring a further half-day of classes per week. The distinguishing feature of this training is that in the 2nd year, two six-month work placements are organised with other laboratories, to broaden the apprentice's skills base as much as possible.

Subjects taught for the CFC federal diploma: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Haematology, Professional mathematics, Mathematics.

Professional baccalaureate subjects: History, German, French, Economics and Law.

Compulsory school leaving certificate, good overall results, strong interest in sciences, willingness to explore other fields, patience, manual skills, team player, etc.

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