The groupe
The dairy industry technologist (CFC)

Profile of the profession
The dairy industry technologist ensures that we have healthy foodstuffs to put on our table every day. A specialist in food products, he combines traditional recipes and the latest technology to provide us with milk, yogurt, cheese and desserts.

Areas of activity
Manufacturing the different dairy products, adhering to the health and quality standards

Using computers to run the manufacturing and filling machines and

Carrying out the various analyses of the milk and dairy products to guarantee their quality

The apprenticeship lasts 3 years. Professional classes take place at the dairy industry centre in Grangeneuve, Fribourg, to be attended one day a week. The areas taught are: general culture, professional calculations, knowledge of milk, microbiology. During the training period, there are also specialist modules (20 days) which allow the trainee to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the manufacture of the various dairy products.


  • School leavers' certificate
  • Mathematical ability is an advantage
  • A desire to work with food products
  • An interest in modern production and packaging techniques
  • A conscientious nature
  • An awareness of health and safety
  • Observant and curious
  • Able to work in a team
  • A willingness to work irregular hours.
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